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Source code and supplemental material for our 2019 GECCO submission, Tag-accessed memory for GP

Tag-accessed Memory for Genetic Programming


This repository is associated with our 2019 GECCO extended abstract submission, Tag-accessed Memory for Genetic Programming.

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Project Overview

We present an early exploration of tag-accessed memory for genetic programming.

Tag-accessed Memory

Tags are evolvable labels that give genetic programs a flexible mechanism for specification. Tag-based naming schemes have been demonstrated for labeling and referencing program modules (Spector, 2011; Lalejini and Ofria, 2018).

We continue to expand the use of tags in GP by incorporating tag-based referencing into the memory model of a simple linear GP representation. In this study, memory comprises 16 statically tagged memory registers, and instructions use tag-based referencing to refer to positions in memory. Programs in our simple representation are linear sequences of instructions, and each instruction has three tag-based arguments, which may modify the instruction’s behavior. Below, we provide a visual example, contrasting traditional direct-indexed memory access and tag-based memory access.

tag-accessed memory example

In the example above, both programs have identical behavior: requesting input, setting the second register to the terminal value ‘2’, multiplying the input by 2, and outputting the result.

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Supplemental Material


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