About Me

My research intersects computer science and evolution, applying the principles of each field to advance the other.

Broadly, my research is driven by two questions: (1) How does evolution produce the complex traits and behaviors we see in natural organisms? And, (2) how can we harness our understanding of evolutionary processes to solve challenging problems? I apply digital evolution techniques to study how evolutionary processes work, and I use our understanding of evolution to develop evolutionary approaches to solving computational problems.

I am currently a postdoc working with Dr. Luis Zaman in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department at the University of Michigan. In 2021, I completed a dual Ph.D. in Computer Science and Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior at Michigan State University (advisor: Dr. Charles Ofria). I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science in 2015 at Mississippi State University (advisor: Dr. Cindy Bethel).

In my spare time, I enjoy tabletop gaming, traveling, and unathletically playing sportsball (e.g., soccer, ultimate frisbee, etc.).

Picture of me!

Mask up! (photo credit Dale Austin)